Energy management

Real-time monitoring of electrical installations

We release your consumption information through the installation of meters owned by you. This way, you can control your energy consumption at all times.

Through the monitoring of electrical installations, we can observe which appliances consume more or less energy, and we can detect which are the most expensive time slots. We aim to know how to reduce energy consumption, stabilise prices and lower the cost of electricity.

Real-time Monitoring and Control Centre

You will have an Intranet code to access updated information on your energy consumption and costs, as well as current events in the sector.

Consumption studies

We carry out economic and financial feasibility studies related to consumption to create a plan for a more sustainable and cost-efficient operation of the installations.

Creating efficient consumption strategies, such as a rotating machinery start-up plan, with intervals and a pre-set order, we reduce costs and ensure both effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Our broad experience in the energy sector allows us to offer strategic alternatives leading to a stabilisation of the cost of electricity using renewable energy plants.