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Access charges

Helioelec, as an authorised marketer to operate in the free market and faithful to its philosophy of transparency, does not apply any additional charges to the regulated costs. Instead, it simply includes in the tariff those costs established in the corresponding Royal Ministerial Decree.


What is the meaning of the acronym ATR?

The acronym ATR stands for “Third-Party Access to the Network” in Spanish. It refers to the permit granted by the distributor to the owner of the supply point so that it can access the network on the free market.

The body responsible for guaranteeing this access is Red Eléctrica de España (REE). It calculates the system’s operating costs that are then covered by access tariffs, which are set by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and reviewed periodically.

  • Tarifas de acceso (ATR)
  • Low-voltage tariffs (LV)
  • High-voltage acces tariffs (HV)


TARIFF 2.0 2.0DHA 2.0DHS 2.1 2.1DHA 2.1DHS 3.0A
VOLTAGE <1kV (BT) <1kV (BT) <1kV (BT) <1kV (BT) <1kV (BT) <1kV (BT) <1kV (BT)
POWER ≤10kW ≤10kW ≤10kW >10kW y ≤15kW >10kW y ≤15kW >10kW y ≤15kW >15kW
PERIOD 1 2 3 1 2 3 3


2.0A (TP) 0,104228 (€kW/day) N/A N/A
(TE) 0,044027 (€kWh) N/A N/A
2.0DHA (TP) 0,104228 (€KW/day) N/A
(TE) 0,062012 (€kWh) 0,002215 (€kWh) N/A
2.0DHS (TP) 0,104228 (€KW/day)
(TE) 0,062012 (€kWh) 0,002879 (€kWh) 0,000886 (€kWh)
2.1A (TP) 00,121766 (€kW/day) N/A N/A
(TE) 0,057360 (€kWh) N/A N/A
2.1DHA (TP) 0,121766 (€kW/day) N/A
(TE) 0,074568 (€kWh) 0,013192 (€kWh) N/A
2.1DHS (TP) 0,121766 (€kW/day)
(TE) 0,074568 (€kWh) 0,017809 (€kWh) 0,006596 (€kWh)
3.0A (TP) 0,111586 (€kW/day) 0,066951 (€KW/day) 0,044634 (€KW/day)
(TE) 0,018762 (€kWh) 0,012575 (€kWh) 0,004670 (€kWh)


TARIFF TARIFF (P1) (P2) (P3) (P4) (P5) (P6)
3.1A (TP) 0,162119 (€kW/day) 0,099974 (€kW/day) 0,022925 (€kW/day) N/A N/A N/A
(TE) 0,014335 (€kWh) 0,012754 (€kWh) 0,007805 (€kWh)
6.1A (TP) 0,107231 (€kW/day) 0,053662 (€kW/day) 0,039271 (€kW/day) 0,039271 (€kW/day) 0,039271 (€kW/day) 0,017918 (€kW/day)
(TE) 0,026674 (€kWh) 0,019921 (€kWh) 0,010615 (€kWh) 0,005283 (€kWh) 0,003411 (€kWh) 0,002137 (€kWh)
6.1B (TP) 0,084989 (€kW/day) 0,042531 (€kW/day) 0,031125 (€kW/day) 0,031125 (€kW/day) 0,031125 (€kW/day) 0,014201 (€kW/day)
(TE) 0,021822 (€kWh) 0,016297 (€kWh) 0,008685 (€kWh) 0,004322 (€kWh) 0,002791 (€kWh) 0,001746 (€kWh)
6.2 (TP) 0,060707 (€kW/day) 0,030380 (€kW/day) 0,022233 (€kW/day) 0,022233 (€kW/day) 0,022233 (€kW/day) 0,010144 (€kW/day)
(TE) 0,015587 (€kWh) 0,011641 (€kWh) 0,006204 (€kWh) 0,003087 (€kWh) 0,001993 (€kWh) 0,001247 (€kWh)
6.3 (TP) 0,051825 (€kW/day) 0,025935 (€kW/day) 0,018980 (€kW/day) 0,018980 (€kW/day) 0,018980 (€kW/day) 0,008659 (€kW/day)
(TE) 0,015048 (€kWh) 0,011237 (€kWh) 0,005987 (€kWh) 0,002979 (€kWh) 0,001924 (€kWh) 0,001206 (€kWh)
6.4 (TP) 0,037551 (€kW/day) 0,018791 (€kW/day) 0,013752 (€kW/day) 0,031125 (€kW/day) 0,031125 (€kW/day) 0,006274 (€kW/day)
(TE) 0,008465 (€kWh) 0,007022 (€kWh) 0,004025(€kWh) 0,002285 (€kWh) 0,001475 (€kWh) 0,001018 (€kWh)
6.5 (TP) 0,037551 (€kW/day) 0,018791 (€kW/day) 0,013752 (€kW/day) 0,031125 (€kW/day) 0,031125 (€kW/day) 0,006274 (€kW/day)
(TE) 0,008465 (€kWh) 0,007022 (€kWh) 0,004025(€kWh) 0,002285 (€kWh) 0,001475 (€kWh) 0,001018 (€kWh)

Tariffs adapted to groups and sectors

In our eagerness to customise our services and thanks to our experience in the energy sector, we offer tariffs adapted to the needs of each market, regardless of their activity.

We also offer our services to company groups that want to join and achieve shared energy efficiency. An exhaustive analysis and study will allow us to offer a favourable energy plan for all members.