Day to Day Rate

Choose the best way to save on your electricity bill with the Day to Day Rate. No permanence and no penalty.

With the Day-to-Day Rate, you will pay the price of electricity every day, thus avoiding fixed-price rates that establish an average price higher than the market rate.

At Helioelec we are a free market supplier and therefore we cannot supply PVPC rates (voluntary price for small consumers). Remember that if you are a beneficiary of the Social Bonus when contracting with Helioelec you will lose that condition.

Without committing to fixed prices for one year. Live in the present with the Day by Day Rate!

Why do we recommend the Day by Day Rate?

Follow our advice and choose the best way to save when consuming electricity:

The price of electricity is set by the electricity market, with what you will pay every day depending on how the market is. With the day-to-day rate, it is the market that regulates the price.
The day-to-day price is always cheaper than the fixed rates. Fixed price rates establish an average price higher than the daily market price.
Without any commitment, without penalty and without permanence. You can switch to a flat rate at any time if you are not convinced.

How is the fare price formed?

The price of the Day to Day Rate is formed from the following formula:

Energy consumed x (OMIE average daily price + Red Eléctrica (adjustments + regulated components) + National Fund for Energy Efficiency + Social Bonus + Guarantee of renewable origin + Management cost (variable depending on the volume of annual consumption of the contract)).

The cost of the Guarantee of renewable origin will be informed at the time of contracting, since it is variable annually.

The regulated taxes are:

  • Special Electricity Tax (I.E.E.): it is 5.1127% and is currently discounted at 0.5%.
  • Value Added Tax: it is 21%, and is currently discounted at 10%.

  • Fully transparent
  • The fairest rate
  • For individuals, companies and communities

Hire your rate: by calling (+34) 900 831 667 or by email

  • General contracting conditions: consult the general contracting conditions of our rate by clicking here.
  • Contract payment procedure: by direct debit in accordance with SEPA regulations.
  • Right of withdrawal: as provided by the Consumer and User Law, you have the right to withdraw from the contract within a period of 14 calendar days without the need for justification from the conclusion of the contract.