Thanks to our own telemetry meters and monitoring service, we can know how, when and where energy is used. This becomes essential when it comes to identifying high consumption and defining where potential savings can be applied, leading to a more optimal use of the electrical installation and reducing the overall energy expenditure.

Telemetry is a remote reading of electricity consumption. This type of meter can perform readings in real time, allowing for immediate changes and checks at all times. The main objective is to be more efficient both in the control and management of electrical networks, to later reduce both incidents and costs.

We also offer companies an energy consultancy service, and we draw up an energy business strategy to manage the consumption of production processes, leading to greater energy efficiency and cost reduction.

Our MCC: The real-time Management and Control Centres of the generation plants allow us to:

Read and compare meter readings in real time.

Identify the hour slots of highest consumption.

Detect and identify consumption that exceeds the expected power.
Monitor and control the installations through the website to ensure optimal operation.